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Who pays for damages in my Portland rental home?

When it comes to rental homes property owners always asks who is responsible for paying the damages in their Portland home when tenants move out. When renters move out proprietors always, seem to find them left with costs in repairing damages plus wear and tear to their homes. Sometimes it is difficult to establish who are responsible for these repairs.

Documenting move in and move out inspections

When it comes to Portland Property Management Companies, it is critical that all documents from the moving into the home to move out of tenants’ need documenting. When a tenant moves into a rental property, a proper inspections done with images and kept on record. The documenting of inspections recorded to ensure that when the tenant moves out the property manager could use this with the moving out inspection to compare notes with added damages or wear and tear that took place while the tenant was still living on the rental property.

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Use date stamped photographs

Use a checklist with the moving out process and date stamped images as these work very well when needed to refer and compare how tenants received the property as opposed to how they left it when vacating the rented home.

Detailed and specific images make a big difference when it comes to confronting tenants regarding to keeping back key deposits to repair damages or parts of wear and tear to the home.

Before handing over the keys to new tenants take photos of everything, from appliances to floor coverings in each room. Take photos of the refrigerator to the stove to show how these appliances look on the inside and outside. Take shots of each carpet or flooring in all the rooms, covering on every window and light fixtures. Make sure that you take photos from the move in, and take the same pictures when the tenant moves out.

Documenting the outside home

Property Management Portland Companies make sure that documentation taken on all outside features, walls, and the landscaping regarding the state of the lawn and beds when tenants move in. This helps as a reference to show tenants if the gardens in a bad state when they move out.

Benefits of documenting investigations

This process benefits both tenants and property owners as most of the homes rented had previous tenants living in them, and might not be in a perfect or new condition. If there are, already, stains present on the carpet or scratches in the floor these images, documents these imperfections for a later stage when new tenants move out. As a property manager or proprietor, you do not want to charge your tenant per accident for damages and wear and tear unnecessary. This causes problems and court cases that you do not need.Property Management in Portland OR

Do a thorough move out inspection

At Porter Brauen Real Estate & Property Management Services, when an occupant moves out of the rented property, we do another detailed inspection with the same in depth documents. Paying attention to damages not documented in the move in process and taking note of any damages caused by the tenants by taking photos and documenting it with a date stamp.

When charging the tenant with repairs and holding back the security deposit you will need these photos as proof to show the renter that, they are responsible for damages or wear and tear.

Questions regarding documentation

If you need questions answered regarding documentation and date stamping images or need any guidance regarding rental property procedures, contact the Porter Brauen Real Estate & Property Management Services and we will help you with all your property needs.

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