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Safety and Security Demands Soar of Property Management in Orlando after Recent Events: Are You Ready?

This summer and early fall were particularly rough ones for residents and tourists of Orlando. A toddler met his untimely death at the hands of an alligator while vacationing with his family. A night club was blown up at the hands of domestic terrorists, and Hurricane Matthew was so extreme it even forced Disney World and Universal Studios to close. After all of this, the city of Orlando is on high alert for anything that can hurt, maim or kill. Safety and security demands soar of property management in Orlando after all of that. It begs the question–as a property manager, are you ready to step up safety protocols and safety measures for the tenants on the properties you manage? Here is a checklist to get you started.


Security Camerassec


If your properties do not currently have security cameras, they absolutely should. You might be very surprised to learn who comes and goes on each property and who is residing in each apartment or house that you did not know was living there. Security cameras can also record any suspicious activity or activity that would cause unnecessary legal trouble for your company and/or the property’s owner.


Fences and Gates


If the properties you manage are not gated communities, then the next best thing is to erect high fences and gates around these properties. Be sure to check with the property owners first, since they are the ones who will have to pay for the supplies and construction of these fences and gates. As an added measure, monitor the gates and fences with cameras and have coded entry locks on the gates.


Locked Entrances and Key Fobs/Card Keys


If you manage tenement buildings, you might want to install locked, double-door entrances with electronic key fobs or card keys. Again, your property owners would have to approve of these security measures and pick up the tab, but they would ensure that all tenants are safe. This is also another area to place a security camera in the event that a criminal pushed his or her way inside after a tenant was trying to enter the building.


Retaining Walls Around Water Areassec1


Follow Disney’s example and erect retaining walls, preferably of brick or stone, around water areas. Alligators have no real preference where they swim, as evidenced by alligators in people’s pools in Florida. Ergo, if you want to keep alligators out and keep people away from potential death and harm, wall up these areas. The alligators should have one escape channel if they choose to leave or revisit these areas, but the rest of the retaining ponds, marshes and lakes should all have walls and warning signs posted.


Security Guards


Security guards are a good idea if you cannot place enough of the other security measures around the properties for which you are responsible. The guards can patrol at given times to give the appearance of a secured area, or they can patrol all night long. If you are worried about commercial properties, then you definitely want guards around at all times.


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