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Nip Maintenance in the Butt with Ellicott City Property Managers

Property ManagementOne of the biggest discussions on most Property Management in Ellicott City, MD is how they can help their Landlords nip maintenance in the butt by keeping repair costs as minimal as possible. This is a difficult task but with some preventative maintenance in rental properties and some smart remodeling ideas it is possible.

Scheduling Maintenance
The first and most important thing for property management agencies is to make sure that all major repairs scheduled when properties become vacant. This is the best time to take care of all your big maintenance concerns before new tenants move in, or between tenancies when places are vacant. Maintenance is not a pleasant experience for anyone – the tenant or the Landlord as this disrupts the tenants living in the home or apartment. If an emergency arises, this is unavoidable and needs taking care of. Where possible, make sure that works done to the premises while no one is living there. This lessens aggravation, provides fewer costs and you will not have unhappy tenants breathing down your neck being disrupted.

How should you spend your money in Investment Properties?
Another, question that Ellicott City Property Managers asked is how property investors should spend their money. The two great ways to spend money on your investment property is painting and carpets and are simple things to do at an affordable cost. This makes a huge difference to a rental property. With a fresh coat of paint and some new carpets, it makes a room and home more appealing leaving it with a fresh feeling for potential tenants. These things need changing before you spend money elsewhere. Another option is to replace certain parts of the home with great floor tiles, as it is easier to clean and maintain in the end.

Modernization of the Home
As time passes and you have owned your property long enough, its age starts showing and eventually there will be some need to modernize the home. The main attractions are the bathroom and kitchen and by remodeling these parts of the home increase the value of the property. Stay clear from installing granite counter tops or expensive appliances as this a rental property which should be neat and nice, but not have expensive amenities that do little to raise the rent.

We suggest that you stay away from hot tubs, however, if the existing property already has one, there is nothing much you can do! However, when looking to buy units rather avoid buying one with a hot tub. This may look like a classy and a nice feature to have but also provides you with high maintenance at the end and do not need extra expenses. When in Maryland stay away from pools as the liability and maintenance costs are not worth it and will not gain enough income to make up for the added expenses.

If you have any questions concerning preventative maintenance or managing your rental property, contact one of your local Ellicott City Property Managers to help you in answering all those questions and they will be happy to discuss it with you.

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