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Growing Your Property Management Business Is Easier Than You Think


If you are running a property management firm, you have two main goals. First, to get as many property owners to sign on with your business, and second, to make sure that the property owners that you work for are happy. If you are hoping to bring more property owners into your business, there are a few ways to grow property management Houston city firm.


Increase Your Business’ Visibility


As with any business, getting your name out there is important. Property management is no exception. There are several ways that you can do this. You should create a website and keep it up to date. Your website can include photos of the properties that you are currently managing. This will give potential property owners an idea of how you handle your properties. Having a Facebook page and launching a blog are also great ideas. If you want to get some local exposure, you should update your company’s sign on your buildings or sponsor a local event. You want to get as much local attention as possible. If property owners see the name of your management company often, they will start to realize that you have a good reputation in the community.


Increase Employee Efficiencysec1


If you have knowledgeable, efficient employees working for you, it can end up saving your money. This is money that can be used in marketing or other ways to grow your property management company. For example, you should calculate the cost of having a dedicated maintenance worker on staff and see if it is more cost efficient than contacting a contractor or another trade worker every time something in a unit needs repair. If you hire employees who have multiple skills, it can costs. You won’t need to hire multiple employees to handle the different day to day tasks.


Treat Expenses as Investments


Part of your job as the property manager is to maintain the property. If you need to do work in a unit, you should be willing to spend the extra money. Not only will it keep the tenants happy, but it could save you money in the long run. For example, if an appliance needs to be replaced, spend the extra money on a state of the art appliance. Higher quality appliances will need less repair and last longer. Cutting corners will only cost your more money in the future.


Reduce Tenant Turnoversec


While it is your responsibility to fill the empty units as quickly as possible, you don’t want to just let anyone move in just to fill the unit. If you sign a lease with a tenant who has a history of late rent payments or a tenant who is a habitual trouble maker, it will be more trouble for you. Each time an unsavory tenant moves in and moves out, you would need to clean the unit, paint, and get the unit fixed up for the new tenants. If you hold out for quality tenants, it could take longer to fill the unit, however, it will save you a great deal of hassle and money in the future.


If your property management business is going to be successful and make money, it always needs to be growing. If you follow the simple tips listed above, you should start seeing a boost in both your business and your bank account.


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