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San Bernardino property managementIf you seek San Bernardino property management for your rental properties, whether they are single family residences or multiple unit properties, Jackson Property Management can provide you with excellent management services. We are a full service property management company that can oversee all your rental concerns. Our managers are professional. We hire maintenance staff that are fully trained. Our administrative assistants handle all accounting needs with expertise. You cannot find a better full service team in the region.

When you are looking to find tenants for your property, Jackson Property Management provides you with the services to review the applications. We will follow proper guidelines in tenant selection and make sure that all is handled thoroughly. Once the tenant is in residence, we can oversee all the rent collection concerns and bookkeeping, relieving you of any anxieties on that front.

As part of our responsibilities to our clients, we make sure that the best maintenance staff is at hand. We realize that the value of your property lies in taking care of it. Therefore, we make sure any repair requests are attended to promptly, according to your guidelines. You can be certain that work done on your property will be performed by carefully screened workers.

Because we hire trained accountants to oversee the fiscal concerns of property management, you can be assured that unexpected expenses will not be overlooked. We will keep track of rents and fees that need to be paid. Any general bills will be attended to promptly. The bookkeeping will be above-board, with clear records available to you upon request.

If your multi-unit property requires a resident manager, you can rely on Jackson Property Management to screen and select the best candidates available. We will choose a manager who will keep in mind your concerns for your property. You need not fear that you will be presented to the tenants in a poor light because your resident manager was unsuitable. We know the value of hiring excellent staff, and as your property manager, this is one of our most important tasks.

San Bernardino property managementBecause we know that each region has its own character and concerns, you can be assured that we hire staff with the local markets in mind. From the single family residences to the multi-unit properties, we pay attention to the demands that are being made in the region. Every service you could expect from a San Bernardino property management company can be found with us. We strive to meet your every need as a property owner.

Whether you are new to the life of a landlord or whether you have owned rental property in San Bernardino for a long time, we believe that you will find the best services from us. We make sure you have the most capable managers. We provide the best trained account assistants to oversee all records for your property. We make sure we have the finest maintenance staff available for all needs. We take pride in the services we deliver to property owners in the region. You can review our services at

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