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10 Ways To Lower Maintenance Costs As A Property Manager

If you are into rental business, whether you manage it on your own or you have a property manager to oversee its operations, you as the owner must take part in maintaining it. If a property is well – maintained as well as its surroundings, it will guarantee that you provide your tenants with great satisfaction. Together with guaranteeing your tenants with satisfaction, your duty as a property management operator is to keep your maintenance costs to a minimum.

Here are the top 10 things you can do to keep your maintenance cost while doing property management:

1. First thing you should do while handling property management, is visit your properties regularly. Visiting your properties will help you check on your tenants if they are taking the properties with care.

2. Have the filters of your air conditioning units checked. The filters of your air conditioning units must be kept clean. If it is filled with dirt, the normal process of heating and cooling of the equipment will be haltered and in the long run will cause it to malfunction. In addition, dirt-filled filters will as well give your tenants some discomfort and increase in utility bills.

3. Check for trees that may be touching the roof. Trees, especially those are big stretches up its branches and once it touches your roof, it might scratch it and will eventually leaked out. Prevention from such scenario can help you ease out your pocket for possible bigger expenses in repairing leaks.

4. Check for leaking faucets and repair them at once. Property managementmaintenance also requires you to do regular check-ups of your properties, make it a habit to check for leaking faucets. New leaks are much cheaper to patch up as compared to leaks that are left unattended.

5. Do assess the garbage disposal if you have it. Part of property management is proper waste disposal and if you have garbage disposal within your property do assess it. At times, tenants won’t know how to use it properly that its blades might be damaged. Checking it regularly will help you keep updated of its status.

6. Regularly assess the smoke alarms. You know useful it is to have your smoke detectors and smoke alarms within your property. If your smoke alarms won’t work, the safety of your renters are at stake, your property as well are placed on the danger line. If you see any problems with it, act on it promptly.

7. Property management maintenance of your property’s landscape which include routine gardening as well as removal of snow debris.

8. Do check as well the attic and ceilings. Any broken attics and ceilings can cause more problems if left untreated.

9. Check the dishwasher. This another property management maintenance tip may or may not apply to your property but if you have dishwasher in your units, advise your tenants to use it at least twice a month to keep its integrity because it has the tendency to leak when not used.

10. Do check as well the electrical outlets of the building.

It is necessary that you have knowledge on property management before you entrust the property to a property manager. Maintenance of your property must as well be of your utmost concern and these property management tips on reducing maintenance cost if you are able to meet it properly will definitely reduce the cost.

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